Mercedes S350

Mercedes S350

4 Passengers
Black Leather Interior
Heated Seats
DVD Player
On Board Wi-Fi
iPhone Charger
Laptop Desk
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The Mercedes S350 – Experience the Difference

The Mercedes S-Class has had very few rivals in its class over the years with regard to quality and efficiency. It has been the vehicle of choice among selective drivers for decades, but the Mercedes S350 takes the efficiency and technology to a totally new and different level.

Super-Powerful Engine

The Mercedes S350 has a 3.0-liter V6 ridiculously powerful turbocharged diesel engine that can propel the vehicle from 0-62 mph in 6.8 seconds – pretty impressive for a diesel! With a camera mounted on the windshield, it scans the road ahead and pre-adjusts the suspension for potholes and bumps to provide a fabulously comfortable and supple ride even at a high speed on the motorway.

Dream Handling

The car handles exceedingly well for a vehicle of its size, and the steering remains pleasantly weighted while ensuring minimal body roll. The Mercedes S350 offers a rare refinement being one of the quietest luxury diesel cars when cruising. Furthermore, noise insulating glass comes as a standard for the S350, shutting out most road and engine noise.
The vehicle comes with standard four-way lumbar adjustment steering (which can move up down and to the sides) and well-trimmed and reinforced upholstered seats, which mean you will not have any difficulties getting comfortable for those long journeys out of town. Moreover, with automatic or voice-controlled controls, it is rare a driver has to operate any of the major control components of the car.

Futuristic Features

The Mercedes S350 comes with many of the modern convenience and safety features that include front and rear parking sensors, a reversing camera, and Magic Vision Control that has multiple jets of heated water for effective cleaning of the windshield. It also has a magnificent widescreen display for all your infotainment needs. The widescreen display makes it easy to control SAT navigation, drive mode selection, audio systems, and digital radio and the avant-garde Burmester surround sound system. You also have integration with smartphones, music players and other devices as well as connections to Google and Facebook.
The cabin is made from exquisite materials including swathes of double stitched leather, bespoke switchgear, real wood and high-quality metal detail cabin finishes. The interior provides for great practicality and space with plenty of head, shoulder, and leg room for two adults in the expansive front seats. The vehicle comes with a central armrest with internal storage, map pockets and cup holders. You get a large boot with a 510-liter capacity with more than enough space for a week’s worth of luggage for a family get away, or several sets of golf clubs.
The Mercedes S350 is exactly the vehicle you need for practicality, convenience, and magnificent style for city travel or a jaunt out of town.


  • Point to point service
  • Dedicated chauffeur service
  • Air port transfer
  • Night life service